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New Zealand v Mexico -Preview

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New Zealand v Mexico
9 October 2016 – 00:00 LP Field (Nashville, Tennessee)
New Zealand will play against Mexico in a International Friendly match at LP Field ( Nashville, Tennessee).Make sure not to miss it!!!
The New Zealand team is currently unbeaten in 5 competitive games.They won in all 5 matches,conceding only 1 goal.An impressive record,isn’t it ? The team won 1-0 against New Caledonia,1-0 Solomon Islands,5-1 vs Vanuato and 3-1 against Fiji.Team is mostly consisted by players from the local league or the Australian one.New Zealand plays very English style of football with a lot of crosses coming from the flanks.They are very capable team with a lot of potential,which could most definitely create few shockers in the future.
Mexico had a very  good start of the World Cup 2018 qualification campaign.They won 3-1 against El Salvador after being down 1 goal during the 1st hal-time.However,the team showed great moral and fought back fiercely by scoring 3 goals in order to secure the victory.The Mexicans are always nice to watch,they play very creative and attacking football.Central midfielder G. dos Santos has been outstanding from the beginning of the season.His excellent form will be key component for success during the upcoming matches. Chicharito will miss the coming fixture due to injury.
New Zealand are really in great form on paper,but they are definitely no match for Mexico.I will recommend a win for Mexico in a high scoring game.G. dos Santos magic will entertain the football fans on the stadium.I can see him scoring few goals!!!Considering the test purpose of the game,the Mexican players will perform without any pressure,which will be a great occasion for more entertaining football.

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